PRN Funding, LLC Makes Reports Available Online

July 13, 2022
Phil Cohen

Cleveland, Ohio – PRN Funding, LLC recently announced the launch of a service that enables its clients to view their factoring reports over the World Wide Web. PRN Funding’s clients can check the status of their accounts at any time from any computer that has Internet access. In conjunction with Sedtec, LLC client data is stored in an encrypted directory structure that provides the highest levels of security, manageability and privacy. Through the use of a security protocol known as Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), all data is encrypted prior to transmission over the Internet, so it is absolutely secure in transit.

In a continuing effort to make factoring easier for clients, PRN now provides simple and secure access for clients to access data directly through the PRN web site. PRN Funding updates key factoring reports on a daily basis, delivering the most current financial information directly through the Internet to the client’s computer screen.

PRN Funding, LLC focuses on providing a flexible source of funding for companies, such as medical transcription, medical coding and medical staffing services, which sell services and products to health care providers. This new web feature is another way that PRN Funding is making factoring even more convenient for its clients. By immediately converting accounts receivable into cash, PRN Funding supplies clients with the capital they need to run their businesses. Now with online access to factoring reports, clients are able to keep a detailed accounting of their receivables, giving them the freedom to focus their attention on growing their business.

Technology continues to allow PRN Funding to serve its clients more efficiently by making their financial information conveniently available on a daily basis. This quick and easy access to factoring reports can help answer any questions that clients may have about their accounts receivable.

About the Author

Phil is the owner of PRN Funding and sister company Factor Finders. He has been an authority in the factoring industry for over 20 years, serving on the board of directors for several factoring associations.

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