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Factoring FAQ’s

Get all of your factoring questions answered, whether you’ve been factoring for years or just getting started.

What is the sale of accounts receivables?
What type of receivable is acceptable to factor?
Are government receivables acceptable?
How do you collect?
How quickly can I receive my money?
How do I start the factoring process?
Can we qualify for medical receivables factoring if we have a history of credit problems such as bankruptcy, IRS liens or judgments?
Can we qualify even if we are just starting in business and have no credit history?
Can we qualify if we already have existing credit lines or SBA loans?
What do I need to do before you can purchase my invoices?
What is the difference between factoring requirements and loan requirements?
How much will factoring my invoices cost me?
What is the smallest and largest invoice amount PRN will accept?
What are the geographical restrictions to PRN Funding's service?
How do you make money?
Is the invoice on our billhead or yours?
How long is the duration of a contract with PRN?
Do I have to factor all of my current and future invoices?
What happens if my customer does not pay?
What will my customers think?
Will factoring be good for my business?
I'm ready to start factoring my invoices. Now what?
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