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At PRN Funding, we’re all about gaining and maintaining active factoring referral relationships with invoice factoring brokers, cash flow consultants and other accounts receivable factoring firms. Part of our commitment to maintaining strong relationships with our factoring referral network is writing articles for various invoice factoring publications.

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We offer helpful factoring broker information for your convenience. Please take a moment to read through some of our most helpful factoring broker articles below:

How Important is it for Factoring Brokers to Know Their Funding Sources?

Sending a prospect to the wrong funder could also damage the relationships you have with your client and the funder. In order to avoid such a catastrophe, it is extremely important for consultants and brokers to know how each of their funding partners’ factoring programs work so they can match their clients with the most appropriate one. The best way to get to know your funders is to ask the following four…READ MORE

What’s the Difference Between Bank Financing & Invoice Factoring?

There are two specific occasions when a business owner typically runs into a cash flow problems. The first is when the company is just starting out, and the second is when it starts growing rapidly. Unfortunately for the business owners, banks are not willing to extend credit in either situation. However, there are factoring firms who will work with companies in both circumstances, and it’s a cash flow consultant’s…READ MORE

Five Tips to Help Factoring Brokers Close More Deals

The last thing a factoring broker wants to have happen is to see his/her hard work throughout the sales cycle come to a standstill. The following “Five Tips for Closing More Factoring Deals” are designed to help factoring brokers become more effective with the closing piece of the factoring sales process…READ MORE

Old School’ Marketing Techniques that Still Work in Today’s World for Factoring Brokers

These days, it seems that small businesses and corporations alike are focusing a lot of their marketing efforts on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Although it’s important to continuously evolve your company’s marketing tactics so that they are in line with today’s trends, don’t forget to continue to incorporate some of the more tried and true marketing techniques in your 2011 advertising plans. Here are five marketing tricks that will never go out of style…READ MORE

Factoring Brokers: Managing Cash Flow in Times of Uncertainty

While we would like to know what lies ahead for the cash flow industry, no one knows for sure what the future holds. However, one thing will go unchanged during these times of uncertainty—the need for business owners to proactively manage their cash flow will never go away.As a cash flow professional, your services will be in high-demand over the next year as the fate of economy remains unsettled…READ MORE

How Factoring Brokers Can Achieve Their Resolutions

It is January 2011, which means that the holiday season is officially over, and reality has set in. If you’re a cash flow consultant reading this article, then I’m sure two of your New Year’s resolutions were to land more deals and increase your business, right? Well, there’s no better time than the present to start buckling down and taking the first few steps towards earning those commission checks…READ MORE

Factoring Prospects: Weeding Out the Bad to Find the Good

You find a candidate in need of cash flow who has been in business for two years, gets paid in less than 45 days and wants to expand. Eager to help this business owner get the cash he needs to expand, you refer this person to one of your factoring sources immediately. The factoring company has communicated to you that they are interested in pursuing the deal, and they’ll have an update for you as soon as they reach out to the prospect…READ MORE

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